Workout of the Day October 1, 2015

Source: Workout of the Day October 1, 2015


Destiny Makeover

My name is Priscah Mucha Magwegwe.I have been hurt,wounded,rejected,looked down upon,misinterpreted,suicidal,frustrated,let down,jilted and heart broken.

The good news is,years down the line,my mind has been renewed,I have found hope,I have grown stronger,I have managed to change my community( for the better in my little way,) from the way I met it.

I am a better person than before inside and outside.I have had a major INNER MAKEOVER.

I’m starting this blog to share my experiences,to share what I do everyday and to meet people who resonate with what I have gone through.I want to encourage and motivate single parents (women)who feel hurt and heart broken.If you have lost hope and think you can not make it,here is one woman who has gone through it all and still stands.

Lets talk and help each other bring out the strong woman in you.You can make it.makeover of the heart

“Life is what you make it.” I’ve always repeated these words as a young girl,I didnt really understand its deeper meaning.Now that I’m much older,I’ve re visited it and now fully understand what that means.Do you understand the real meaning?A topic of another day.


Fall,cry,get up,start all over again….be strong,you are not alone,NEVER GIVE UP.