Workout of the Day October 1, 2015

Source: Workout of the Day October 1, 2015


Life Is What You Make It.


I mentioned in my intro that this would be a topic of another day.Today is the day.

This used to be one of my best quotes when I was at high school.We called it secondary school then.

When I look back,I see that I didn’t really understand that quote.I was just saying what my peers were saying.I never really had a bigger picture of my life.I didn’t even know why I was going to school.Well,everyone was going to school and so I had to,that’s what was supposed to be done,so when I grow up I can get a job or get married,which ever would come first.(What a wrong perspective!!Thank God I instill better things in my and other people’s children’s minds now that I’m a parent and educator)

Did I even think of getting a job after school?Let alone creating jobs! Not really.To me life for a woman was about getting married and looked after by the husband.

Well,what else would I have thought of?My mother being a house wife and my father bringing home all she needed,I blindly saw that as the best way to live.I admired that and gave myself blinkers like a horse on a track.Although I was at school,my mind always diverted to a fantacy home of my own.A good house wife whose husband provides everything so I can have children,stay at home and look after them.That’s what I made of my life,lost focus,failed the important subjects at school and became a mother at eighteen.

I was not aware that my every day decisions would make my life.I said all the time,”Life is what you make it,” yet I didn’t really understand what it meant.Neither did I make anything out of it for a very long time of my life.Actually I did make something of my life…lots of wrong decisions and bad,heart breaking results.Also,lots of the worst and destructive reactions.My life actually did not have anything to do with me at that time,and yet it had everything to do with me.It’s my life! How could I not get this?

I am humbled by most of today’s teenagers who know what the heading of this story means.I stumbled upon a teenage writer who entered an essay competition with this topic.

Stayfocused in CA wrote,”You only get out as much as you put in life.”

So I messed up my life and I blamed everyone and everything except myself.I blamed my parents for not telling me more about life.I blamed the fact that I was the first child so I had no older sibling to learn from.I blamed the environment I grew up in.I blamed my friend for introducing me to a young man, who I blamed for my teenage pregnancy.Everyone and everything was wrong and I was right…a victim of circumstances?

I was so wrong.It has taken me almost a life time to realise that I made wrong choices and what happened is what I made of my life.

So yes,life is what you make of it and we only have two choices.Which ones?The right way of making it and the wrong way. I’m happy that now I can say it and I understand what it means.

This is what I now believe in…cebdcdd780859bd1f1e326fc7112fd34AngelWings2copy

I have made mistakes in life.I have fallen seven times and I got up eight.I do not blame anyone and I am grateful for who I am today.I still stand and I stand even stronger than before because I know what it means to say Life Is What You Make It.Your reactions to situations you find yourself in are vital.They make  or break you.


Having said this,I continue to live an adventurous life.Every year,I do something good that I have never done before because I want different results every time.To me failure has become a stepping stone and I embrace it and move on..I learn from it. Above all, I want Growth and Change for I have found my purpose…Life Is What You Make It.

Have you made major mistakes before?

Have you managed to stand up again?

Has your mind been renewed?

Found your purpose yet?

What does the topic of my story mean to you?

Please let me know if you resonate with my story.What are your life experiences?